From Generation to Generation

Over time, as families grow and circumstances change, their financial lives become more complex. Often this may entail passing assets from one generation to the next.

The Nelsons have seen their financial needs evolve significantly. Their wealth derives originally from the family patriarch who successfully grew and ran a Fortune 500 company. For many years after his death, his two daughters' needs were relatively straightforward. We managed their investments for growth while tailoring their portfolios around a single large holding in their father's company.

Central to the family's culture is their home in New England. Purchased by their father, the Nelson sisters wanted to keep the home in the family. We helped them to do so, including assisting with the financial management of the property.

As the sisters aged, we worked with them to ensure that their investments evolved along with their lives. Due to retirement and increasing infirmity, we accepted the role of personal trustee for them and collaborated closely with their attorneys during the recent major revisions of their estate plans.

For a number of years now, we have also worked with their adult children and spouses, other extended family members, and as trustees of their grandchildren's Trusts. We continue to work on the estate planning process with the children. And with the passing of one sister, our role as trustee has become more active as we assist with a variety of issues such as the settlement of the estate and offering guidance regarding the management of the family's cherished home.

The trust built through years of involvement and the breadth of our relationship has helped the Nelsons to navigate their shifting needs. Like their other assets, Marble Harbor's counsel has also been passed on from one generation to the next.