Dual Income, Busy Family, No Time

Their story is a common one: The Derbys are so busy living their lives that they find themselves with little time to dedicate to minding their investments. That's where we have been able to help.

Sally and Will Derby are both senior partners at professional service firms and devoted parents. Days are spent with top executives while nights and weekends are spent with their two young children. Their investments always ended up in the "To Do" pile.

Their wealth building years have been hectic ones. Through conscientious saving, the Derbys have accumulated a nice nest egg. After several unsatisfying years of working with a broker, they came to us. Initially our challenge was to rationalize a hodgepodge of stocks, mutual funds and other investments into a coherent investment program. This entailed selling many high-fee "brokered products" and structuring portfolios that suited their goals. Over time, we've helped them to work through the financial aspects of their growing family, consider the issues of both re-financing their current home and purchasing a vacation home, saving for college tuitions, and continue to invest their growing savings. We've also helped them to find an estate planning attorney and guided the development of a comprehensive estate plan that captures their unique situation.

We have also further diversified their investments beyond publicly traded equity and fixed income with non-traditional investments offered through Marble Harbor. In their professions, both Will and Sally have occasionally run across unique private investment opportunities. We have aided in the analysis of those deals and recommended investment in several. No longer in the "To Do" pile, the Derbys' investments now receive the same attention Sally and Will give to their family and their careers.